Happy Birthday to You, Justin!!!!  Here is Justin’s family on the “Sparky-cam” with a birthday message for Justin (his birthday was also on the Chinese New Year’s Day)….Justin was stuck in China waiting for his visa to be verified…….

…..and here is Justin at the Buddha that he made a wish to (notice he’s wearing the Thorpe hat I knitted him – awwwwww)…….maybe he made a wish that he were home????……….

…and here is Keith’s calendar at work this morning……finally, Justin gets to come home.

Dear Zachary,

Dear Zachary,

Do you know how much we love you?  Maybe, maybe not.  You flap your arms and hands crazily when you see us.  Your face lights up in a big beautiful smile.  Maybe you do feel our love.  We definitely feel yours.

Here are SOME of the lyrics from a song by P!nk (some are too naughty for you to hear)…….this part is for you, little guy……….

Pretty pretty please

Don’t you ever ever feel

Like you’re less than perfect.

Pretty pretty please

If you ever ever feel

Like you’re nothing

You’re perfect to me (us).

We remember watching your little legs kick while the doctor was working on you.  You were a fighter from the word go.  We are glad you fought.

We love your scrunched up funny face you make.

We love when you are frustrated and clench your fists and growl.

We love when you crawl everywhere.  Watching you explore and discover the world around you is a new adventure for you and nothing short of pure joy for us to watch.

We hope you stay humble and enjoy the little things in life, as that is what truly matters.

Love, Grandma & Grandpa



Mickey Magic

Zach’s first birthday party was a Mickey Magic party.  Zach loves Mickey Mouse.  Mark loves magic.  Zach loves Mark………you get the picture – combine Mickey and magic and you get Mickey Magic………

Here’s Zach’s Mickey cake………..

…and here is his cupcake display made by Mark and myself…….

Here is the guest of honor being delivered to the magic portion of the party by his Mommy in his new little red wagon (his birthday gift from Mark and I)……


and here are Zach’s parents being Mark’s assistant for a magic trick…….

Here’s Zach watching Grandpa Mark perform…….

…….but he also enjoyed playing in his wagon with his cousin Noah…….

…….and enjoying my snack…….

After the show, he got to open gifts.  His Mommy and Daddy helped………….

Next was his smash cake…….before……

and after…………

It was a great party……Happy Birthday Zachary!!!

One little, two little, three little Mickeys……..

One little, two little, three little Mickey Moms/Grandmoms…………

Happy 49!!!

Happy birthday to me!!!  Danielle organized a surprise 49th birthday party for me.  Boy was I surprised!!!  Corey made me a beautiful table.  I am so much in love with that table.  He also painted an old milk can I had.  They had balloons in it.  I don’t think I’ve ever gotten balloons so it was really cool.  My favorite little buddy helped blow out my candles – with some help from his Daddy.  Here are some pics from the party…………

Happy birthday to……..

ME!!!!  Yes, Happy Birthday to me – even though my birthday was December 22.  My parents had Mark and I over for dinner.  Corey and Danielle came too.  I thought we were there just for dinner and dessert but then my parents disappeared and came back out with this beautiful pumpkin bread.  Dad made the pumpkin bread (topped with pecans – yummy).  He then cut it and arranged it beautifully and Mom topped it with the candle (zero years – I’ll take it).

Why a birthday party on February 27 when my birthday was December 22?  My parents got me Amazon gift cards for my birthday and Christmas and they got misplaced so I didn’t get them for my birthday and Christmas.  I told Mom “no big deal” – I don’t need gifts anyway.  She found them and my parents did this little surprise party to give me my gift cards.  Awwwww.  And then here’s the double awwwwww – Sammy – not great pics because it was dark and I was using my iPhone – but this is me holding my cake and Sammy on the floor wishing he could have a piece.  He’s adorable.

It was a great surprise – I couldn’t figure out whose birthday we were celebrating when everybody starting singing “Happy Birthday”.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!

I Heart Thorpe!

Thorpe – what’s not to love? I love this pattern and I love this yarn. This is my second Thorpe – this one is for Justin for his birthday. He picked out the yarn at Joann’s (on sale 2/$5.00 – nice!). The yarn is Deborah Norville Serenity Chunky and the color is Seven Seas. Gorgeous. The pattern doesn’t call for a ball on the top but we all decided we like the ball. I added a ball to mine also. Danielle is getting a Thorpe for her birthday too – hers is nearly done.

This is a little of what we did on Justin’s birthday party weekend. We all went shopping and ended up in the baby clothes department at Meijer. Fun fun. Here’s Keith and Corey looking for baby clothes for Zachary.

And here are Corey and Danielle picking out some outfits.