Happy Birthday to You, Justin!!!!  Here is Justin’s family on the “Sparky-cam” with a birthday message for Justin (his birthday was also on the Chinese New Year’s Day)….Justin was stuck in China waiting for his visa to be verified…….

…..and here is Justin at the Buddha that he made a wish to (notice he’s wearing the Thorpe hat I knitted him – awwwwww)…….maybe he made a wish that he were home????……….

…and here is Keith’s calendar at work this morning……finally, Justin gets to come home.

The blanket that anticipation built…..

When Danielle was pregnant with little Mr. Zachary, all six of us (Corey, Danielle, Mark, myself, Keith and Justin) were at Hobby Lobby and we all picked out yarn for a blanket for this little fetus.  It’s not the colors you would normally expect for a one-year old, but who wants to be normal?  He grew out of his baby blanket I crocheted for him, so this is his next blanket made with the yarn picked out with love before he was even born.  Here he is chillin’ – watching tv……….

…….and at bedtime in his playpen during an overnight visit……..

Double pride

Double pride – that’s what I feel about my kids – my sons – my boys.  I’m always proud of them.  I’ll start with Corey.  Since he was born second, I’ll let him go first in my pride post………..

Corey is building a cnc router.  He has researched the hell out of it and is a genius to build something like this.  It is being put together in his basement with the fabricating being done at his workplace.  Here he is in his basement beaming with pride (it runs in the family)…..

I’m equally proud of Keith.  He ran his second half-marathon (he says it’s his last – he wants to focus on improving on his 5k’s).  He completed the Chicago Half Marathon on September 11, 2011.  It was a glorious beautiful day (especially since I was NOT running the half marathon – 13.1 miles).  He crossed the finish line smiling and waving……….

Is this funny????

Is this funny?  Keith seemed to think so (so did I).  He was fixing my laptop and for shock value, he said “look Mom!”……..