Lil boy date night…

 What a date!!!

In January, Danielle and I started taking one little boy per month on a date night.  We think it’s fun to give them one-on-one time plus they get to learn how to treat a lady!  I regret not posting from the start but here is our list up until now…

Zachary – Red Lobster
Nathan – Denny’s
Aaron – Steak n Shake
Zachary – iHop
Nathan – Red Lobster (can you sense a theme???  Mommy and Framma LOVE Red Lobster)

This month was Aaron’s turn.  Walking up to the restaurant (Chili’s), he said “sit sit sit”.  He loved the bench and wanted to sit on the bench.  He was a perfect gentleman in the restaurant.  Love you Aaron!!!



Always polite

We took Zachary to McDonald’s for lunch and to play.  What fun he had making new little friends.  I asked him to stop so I could take a picture and he said “There’s no time.  I have to go.  Ok?”  Polite enough to stop for the pics and explain why he couldn’t stay long…