Twins!!!  Corey and Danielle are going to have twins.  That means that my beautiful, happy, loving grandson, Zachary, is going to be a big brother times two.  Zachary will be a good big brother.  He’s a real sweetheart and I’m excited to meet his new siblings.  Until then, we are full of joy and anticipation with these pics………….

The blanket that anticipation built…..

When Danielle was pregnant with little Mr. Zachary, all six of us (Corey, Danielle, Mark, myself, Keith and Justin) were at Hobby Lobby and we all picked out yarn for a blanket for this little fetus.  It’s not the colors you would normally expect for a one-year old, but who wants to be normal?  He grew out of his baby blanket I crocheted for him, so this is his next blanket made with the yarn picked out with love before he was even born.  Here he is chillin’ – watching tv……….

…….and at bedtime in his playpen during an overnight visit……..

The sweet life……

I have the sweetest life.  Here is Zachary going to visit Great Grandma and Great Grandpa, picking up pine cone gifts for them along the way – only one pine cone made it so he gave it to Great Grandma to make her feel better after her hip replacement (ouch!!!).  He then helped Great Grandpa snap green beans (not so much really – he just wanted to taste them and did not enjoy raw green beans like his daddy used to).  Mommy then got him to sleep and got to enjoy snuggling with him.  Life is sweet……..

One little, two little, three little Mickeys……..

One little, two little, three little Mickey Moms/Grandmoms…………


This is the prettiest dress I ever saw in my whole life!!!  Why??  First, it’s just super-cute.  Second, my darling daughter-in-law crocheted it.  She knows how proud I am of her for learning to crochet but really Danielle, I know you will read this and I hope you really do feel my pride in you.  This dress she made to donate – more pride!!!

Zach’s new blanket

Danielle made Zachary another blanket.  This is our trip to Hobby Lobby to pick out yarn, the finished product and the most beautiful baby in the world (he’s my grandson – yes, I’m partial to him).  The yarn is Simply Soft – the baby is Simply a Joy…….

Do you believe??????

Do you believe in Santa Claus?  We do……..

I made that wall hanging many many years ago, when my kids were young.  They are now adults with families of their own.  I’ve wanted to update it for a couple of years and when my daughter-in-law jokingly said I needed to add some stockings, I knew this was the year I needed to complete that task.  Danielle…………I love you and here you go………