Be careful what you wish for….

Hey Justin……….be careful what you wish for.  Keith and Justin sent me a picture months ago of a hat and they said it was a “gift idea” for Justin for Christmas.  It is supposed to look like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Carribean.  By the end of that night, I had it finished and couldn’t WAIT for Christmas to surprise Justin with it.  Here is Justin, in all his Davy Jones splendor……

St. Elizabeth’s – September 24, 2011

Here is our delivery to St. Elizabeth’s in Lafayette, Indiana……………


This afghan was supposed to be to keep at our house for Zach when he visits us and spends the night, but it’s too special to not be with him every day.  If you look close, you can see lots of things represented in this Zachghan.  It is all scrap yarn.  His first sleepsack yarn, rows that represent Christmas, his family, Halloween, July 4, etc.  It was fun to make and he loves it.


The blanket that anticipation built…..

When Danielle was pregnant with little Mr. Zachary, all six of us (Corey, Danielle, Mark, myself, Keith and Justin) were at Hobby Lobby and we all picked out yarn for a blanket for this little fetus.  It’s not the colors you would normally expect for a one-year old, but who wants to be normal?  He grew out of his baby blanket I crocheted for him, so this is his next blanket made with the yarn picked out with love before he was even born.  Here he is chillin’ – watching tv……….

…….and at bedtime in his playpen during an overnight visit……..

Dunebrook – September 6, 2011

Dunebrook……..what can I say about Dunebrook……..we are happy to help them – we are happy to help all that we do help and wish we could help more.  We cut back on our full-term sets as it just got to be too much.  For the hospitals, we went back to doing only preemie sets as that was our original vision with TeamZachMcD – Zach was a preemie and we wanted to do something for the other preemie families.  We will continue to do full-term for Dunebrook and Stepping Stone and will continue making chemo hats.

That being said, here is our latest delivery to Dunebrook………..