Daddy’s little helper

Zachary is a natural at anything mechanically inclined.  He loves helping and using tools.  Here he is at Christmas helping to install the curling iron/blow dryer holder that Corey built me….totally adorable.


Twins!!!  Corey and Danielle are going to have twins.  That means that my beautiful, happy, loving grandson, Zachary, is going to be a big brother times two.  Zachary will be a good big brother.  He’s a real sweetheart and I’m excited to meet his new siblings.  Until then, we are full of joy and anticipation with these pics………….

The blanket that anticipation built…..

When Danielle was pregnant with little Mr. Zachary, all six of us (Corey, Danielle, Mark, myself, Keith and Justin) were at Hobby Lobby and we all picked out yarn for a blanket for this little fetus.  It’s not the colors you would normally expect for a one-year old, but who wants to be normal?  He grew out of his baby blanket I crocheted for him, so this is his next blanket made with the yarn picked out with love before he was even born.  Here he is chillin’ – watching tv……….

…….and at bedtime in his playpen during an overnight visit……..

Double pride

Double pride – that’s what I feel about my kids – my sons – my boys.  I’m always proud of them.  I’ll start with Corey.  Since he was born second, I’ll let him go first in my pride post………..

Corey is building a cnc router.  He has researched the hell out of it and is a genius to build something like this.  It is being put together in his basement with the fabricating being done at his workplace.  Here he is in his basement beaming with pride (it runs in the family)…..

I’m equally proud of Keith.  He ran his second half-marathon (he says it’s his last – he wants to focus on improving on his 5k’s).  He completed the Chicago Half Marathon on September 11, 2011.  It was a glorious beautiful day (especially since I was NOT running the half marathon – 13.1 miles).  He crossed the finish line smiling and waving……….

A day with Zachary

Yes, I am – lucky – very lucky.  I get to watch Zachary two days a week while his Daddy and Mommy are at work.  Here is what we did last Wednesday.

Here is the cutie still in his jammies, fresh from his crib.  I changed his diaper, of course, and then he ate one of my now world-famous (not really – but they are GOOD) banana muffins and also had some applesauce for breakfast.  I wish I woke up this happy and cute every morning……..

……then we went outside to play.  Louie loves Zachary sooooooooooo much…………

………….in this picture, they both heard a really loud truck on the street and both turned to look and see what it was…………

………..then he found this bag of bolts.  I jokingly texted Corey and asked if this is a toy – Corey said yes.  Zachary loves his Daddy – he likes Zachary to learn about all the cool tool stuff that Corey likes……..

 …..then we went in the house.  Zach loves to be read to.  Here he is bringing a book for me to read to him.  He then got in my lap and I read it.  His favorite book for Grandma to read right now is “The Wheels on the Bus”………….

Zach had a really fun time playing……..

Zach had a really fun time playing in the water, yelling at his Daddy (“Daddy, get out of the tree NOW!!!” YouTube video) and playing on his new backhoe from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa………..