Be careful what you wish for….

Hey Justin……….be careful what you wish for.  Keith and Justin sent me a picture months ago of a hat and they said it was a “gift idea” for Justin for Christmas.  It is supposed to look like Davy Jones from Pirates of the Carribean.  By the end of that night, I had it finished and couldn’t WAIT for Christmas to surprise Justin with it.  Here is Justin, in all his Davy Jones splendor……

Happy Birthday to You, Justin!!!!  Here is Justin’s family on the “Sparky-cam” with a birthday message for Justin (his birthday was also on the Chinese New Year’s Day)….Justin was stuck in China waiting for his visa to be verified…….

…..and here is Justin at the Buddha that he made a wish to (notice he’s wearing the Thorpe hat I knitted him – awwwwww)…….maybe he made a wish that he were home????……….

…and here is Keith’s calendar at work this morning……finally, Justin gets to come home.

The blanket that anticipation built…..

When Danielle was pregnant with little Mr. Zachary, all six of us (Corey, Danielle, Mark, myself, Keith and Justin) were at Hobby Lobby and we all picked out yarn for a blanket for this little fetus.  It’s not the colors you would normally expect for a one-year old, but who wants to be normal?  He grew out of his baby blanket I crocheted for him, so this is his next blanket made with the yarn picked out with love before he was even born.  Here he is chillin’ – watching tv……….

…….and at bedtime in his playpen during an overnight visit……..


We went to Keith and Justin’s last weekend.  We did a little shopping, made a delivery to St. Elizabeth’s and then just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  They made us a FEAST for lunch Sunday – thanks Keith and Justin – it was heavenly.

Corey then called and invited us to dinner.  Eighty-two miles later, we arrived at their house and Danielle had made baked mostaccioli and garlic bread.  It was equally as wonderful.  The last pic is her mostaccioli before she baked it – enjoy……………

C’mon America……

C’mon America – let my son be equal.

Please read this article – it’s regarding the same things Keith and Justin are facing.  My son and his partner for life, Justin, may be emigrating to Canada.  They are no different than your straight children, America.  My child should be equal and I’m tired of crying over something that should be a non-issue.  Everybody says “can’t they just move to another state and get married?”.  No.  This article will tell you why.  Keith is an American.  Justin is from China.  Both may end up in Canada.  How wrong is that?  Why?  They harm nobody – they are great kids (ok, they’re not really kids but to us they are).

Please read this to understand what Keith and Justin have to go through to be equal.

Do you believe??????

Do you believe in Santa Claus?  We do……..

I made that wall hanging many many years ago, when my kids were young.  They are now adults with families of their own.  I’ve wanted to update it for a couple of years and when my daughter-in-law jokingly said I needed to add some stockings, I knew this was the year I needed to complete that task.  Danielle…………I love you and here you go………


Here is Sparky, Keith and Justin’s new dog.  He is part Dalmation, part Pointer.  He will be one year old in January and is a really good dog – well-behaved for a puppy (translation:  still a wild child but he can sit, shake, let them know when he wants out, kinda-sorta go in his cage when he’s supposed to and only slightly terrorizes Molly, their fifteen year old cat).

Here he is sitting on the sofa……..

and here he is sitting in my lap – kinda big for a lap dog but for some reason he took a liking to me and I didn’t mind – he’s a sweetheart.  We were watching Alice in Wonderland and he couldn’t take his eyes off the tv – he loves watching tv……..