Do you believe??????

Do you believe in Santa Claus?  We do……..

I made that wall hanging many many years ago, when my kids were young.  They are now adults with families of their own.  I’ve wanted to update it for a couple of years and when my daughter-in-law jokingly said I needed to add some stockings, I knew this was the year I needed to complete that task.  Danielle…………I love you and here you go………

Corey, the foot model (Pair #32)

corey-camoDoesn’t Corey make a lovely foot model?  These are Corey’s newest socks, although these are from March 6, so I’m wayyyyyy behind on posting.  The socks Corey got for Christmas were not a perfect fit so I made him these to his specifications (mental note – Sock Wizard doesn’t work for everybody).

**Regia Stretch Nordic Oslo 124**

Pretty and practical


We took our tree down on New Year’s Day (just so you don’t think we are those people who still have lights up in May), but since I haven’t been able to get my pics off the camera, this post is a little late.  This is a good way to store Christmas ornaments.  We have a small tree, which translates to small ornaments.  I’m sure I didn’t invent this idea, but I thought I’d share since it was a new idea to me.  The ornaments also look really pretty in the egg cartons.

Merry Christmas!


Who better to wish you Merry Christmas than our sweet little girls, Carrie and Chloe.  We wish you all as much love and joy in 2009 as these two share with each other and with us every day.

So from all of us (Mark, Teri, Carrie and Chloe)……… all of you (our wonderful kids – all four of you – our family and friends who have e-mailed, called and shared your concern, good wishes and friendship through Mark’s hospitalization and recuperation, and throughout the year)………..from all of us to all of you…………….

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2009!!

P.S.  I had to add the bonus picture of our little Buddha Belly Chloe in the picture below – it’s from last year but it’s priceless.