Chloe, it’s for you…..

Zach answered the phone and apparently it was for Chloe because he drug the entire kitchen to Chloe……

Zachary’s rescue mission…

When Zachary comes, the cats have to be shut in the basement because that’s where their food and litter is.  We lock the basement door so Zachary cannot fall down the steps.  Any day now, he will learn to open doors and falling down steps would be a very, very bad thing to have to explain to his parents.  We put a pet door, as you can see, but they won’t use it.

Here is Zachary talking to the cats in his own 17 month old baby language and trying to rescue them, it would appear…..

…..Grandma, can you help me???…..

… last-ditch attempt…..

…..and finally, like any good rescuer, he picked up his cell phone and called for back-up.  My gosh so cute – just amazing that he picked up the phone after all of his efforts had failed.

I swear I didn’t do it!

I swear I didn’t do it!  Here is Carrie, looking guilty as guilty can be.  This yarn was wrapped around everything – a chest with Zach’s toys in it, a fan, the dining room table, the sofa – oh the fun they must have had.  In her defense, Chloe was right there with her but escaped the camera……..

Pretty Miss Molly

Molly just celebrated her 16th birthday on April 12.  We never thought she would make it that far – she was always a petite little girl who we used to call “Kitten”, because she just never grew much.  She’s still a dainty, pretty girl, but she’s a girl who can kick butt if she needs to.

Her mommy abandoned her when she was two weeks old.  We forgave her mommy – maybe she wasn’t ready for motherhood.  Molly was her only kitten so we took her in (thank you Mark – look what she’s given our family – she was worth it).  She now lives with Keith and Justin because she always was Keith’s little girl.

Here she is in all her beautiful, graceful glory………

(photo courtesy of Keith)

Miss Chloe

Chloe had a big decision to make.  She was trying to catch a ladybug in the window but was also trying to watch the big truck delivering gravel to our driveway.  The ladybug won…….or would that be lost???  🙁  Poor ladybug.  R.I.P.