Could Carrie and Sparky become best friends forever????  Doubtful.  But what a shock when Carrie was in Sparky’s cage and Sparky went in and there was a moment of peace between them.  A girl can dream…………


Here is Sparky, Keith and Justin’s new dog.  He is part Dalmation, part Pointer.  He will be one year old in January and is a really good dog – well-behaved for a puppy (translation:  still a wild child but he can sit, shake, let them know when he wants out, kinda-sorta go in his cage when he’s supposed to and only slightly terrorizes Molly, their fifteen year old cat).

Here he is sitting on the sofa……..

and here he is sitting in my lap – kinda big for a lap dog but for some reason he took a liking to me and I didn’t mind – he’s a sweetheart.  We were watching Alice in Wonderland and he couldn’t take his eyes off the tv – he loves watching tv……..

Thanks Joanie!

Thanks Joanie!  My friend, Joanie, parted with this yarn.  It was in two huge hanks and Mark, Danielle and myself wound it into these balls.  The container of little bits will be crocheted into ties for baby booties and made into poms for hats – Danielle will be doing that.  On the left is a sweater started for Zach.  This yarn is Jamie and it has a satin thread running through it (it looks like satin to me) so I’m taking that out as I go for Zach’s sweater – don’t want it to look too girly.

Zach helped………………how cute is he?????????????????

Carrie and Chloe tried to help too, bless their hearts.

Trivial fact…………….how many of these do you think that pile of Jamie made????????

This skein is 1.5 oz.  The “pile” of Jamie is 5.5 lbs.  That translates to the fact that the pile would have made eight-eight ounces, which would be 58 2/3 skeins of Jamie (if I did my math right).  WOW!

Water anybody???

Here are Carrie and Chloe waiting for water to drip out of the tub faucet.  Yes, they have a water dish and yes it has water, but they like dripping water from the faucet or the tub.  Somebody spoiled them by turning on a faucet to drip every time somebody went into the bathroom.

Molly – sweet and cute

Keith and Justin went on vacation and we went to stay at their place and give Molly a little lovin’.  Instead of having her come and terrorize Carrie and Chloe, she had to stay alone at her home for a couple of days, then we stayed with her for two days, then she had to stay alone again until Keith and Justin got home.  This is the picture we got from Molly before our visit.



How beautiful is this hummingbird in our living room window?


…..and a double rainbow in our back yard – more beauty from nature…..


…….and tulips Corey picked me in his yard – they are my desktop on my computer at work – I love love love them…..


…..and Carrie and Chloe – the lovefest continues.  Carrie cannot just let Chloe sleep alone.  Carrie will go wherever Chloe is and squeeze her way in even if there isn’t enough room, and Chloe never minds – she enjoys the company.