Snuggie baby

Here is a snuggie I crocheted and a hat I knitted for Zach for his car seat.  He is also wearing fleece mitts I custom-made to keep his precious hands warm.

Here he is testing it out before I finished the sleeves……..

Here he is in the shape of what he stole from my family when he was conceived…….

………..and playing shy…….

…….yet still being patient………..

………….and “please can this be over with”……………

The “Snuggle Up” pattern is here but I made adjustments.  I did mine with a sc/dc stitch to make it warmer (Corey loves sc/dc – when he was a kid he called it “the warmest pattern” so I chose that stitch for mine).  I also made it longer – do what you want to make it work for your child of choice.  This one was custom crocheted for Zach.

The hat pattern is a combination of patterns that I found – again, custom knit to be perfect for Zachary.


Boo!  That’s the color name of the I Love This Yarn used to make Zach’s latest sleepsack……….

For the record, I also knit him the cute little pumpkin hat he’s wearing using this pattern.  I found a leaf pattern somewhere on the internet and added the leaf.  There is a leaf pattern linked within the pumpkin hat pattern, but I chose a different leaf – use whatever leaf pattern you like.

For the sleepsack, here’s the pattern I used – I created this pattern after reviewing lots of options and consulting with Danielle on what she and I thought would work best for Zach.  She loves this design.

Yarn weight:  Worsted

Needle size:  Whatever you like to use for worsted – use magic loop, dpn’s, whatever you like.  I use size 8 and magic loop.

Directions:  Cast on 80 stitches (I cast on with two needles to make it looser and stretchier).

Join in a circle being careful not to twist stitches – you will be knitting in the round.

Rib for two inches – I use a k2 p2 but you can use whatever ribbing you prefer.

Switch to stockinette and knit until desired length.

For Zach, I knit a 12 inch total length (including ribbing) for newborn…………

15 inch total length (including ribbing) for up to three months……………

and 18 inch total length (including ribbing) for his Boo! sleepsack.  He was twelve weeks old when I made the Boo! sleepsack so it lasted him awhile.

Kitchener the bottom closed.  Don’t fear the kitchener!!!

Then………….make an I-cord.  I use this…………..

and my I-cords are 30-40 inches long, depending on the size of the sleepsack.  I must give credit to Danielle – she was my I-cord maker on the sleepsacks I’ve made.  Weave the I-cord into the ribbed section and tie into a bow.  Perfection!  We didn’t use the I-cord for his largest size (Boo!) because he was more mobile and we were worried about him getting tangled in it.  The sleepsack still worked great without the I-cord.

For Zach, this pattern is perfection.  I hope it’s great for your baby, grandbaby, niece, nephew……….whoever you want to knit a cool gift for.  Enjoy!

Cute as a button

Cute as a button – understatement.  This kid is perfect – and yes, I know every grandparent says that about their new grandbaby.  Here are two pictures of him in an outfit made by his mommy, Danielle, and myself.  We got an iron-on that said “cute as a button”.  Somehow, even with following directions, it melted to the iron so Danielle traced what did appear on the onesie with a sharpie and sewed the buttons on, with Great Grandma Carol teaching her how to sew on the buttons.

The hoodie and the hat were knit by me.  All yarn was I Love This Yarn worsted.  The hat pattern is basically the Rainbow Marley pattern in Itty-Bitty Hats by Susan B. Anderson, with a few changes.


Before Zach was born, I heard about sleepsacks.  They have lots of different names but that’s the name I use.  I started one with sock yarn but that was too much work so I made my own pattern and changed to worsted.  This is the result……..

It was so cool that I made him another one, a bit longer to make room for those long legs as he grows………

How precious is that child????????  Yep, very precious.  Danielle used my I-cord maker to make the I-cord for both of them.  I’ll post my pattern another day.  It’s simple and fun and very functional.