Always polite

We took Zachary to McDonald’s for lunch and to play.  What fun he had making new little friends.  I asked him to stop so I could take a picture and he said “There’s no time.  I have to go.  Ok?”  Polite enough to stop for the pics and explain why he couldn’t stay long…


Can I get a picture?

When we were taking Zachary back home last weekend, we went through the car wash.  He always loves the car wash.  I remember taking one of my nephews through a car wash once (Blaise), and he white-knuckled it, shaking the whole time.  Zachary loves it.  He reaches out and tries to get the foam things as they slap his window.  We had just bought him a little toy camera and this is him taking a picture of the car wash………

Where my babies at????

Last night was another ultrasound for the new babies…….the twins.  Here I am pushing Zach up and down the hall because being a little boy, he just wanted to run.  He looked in every room every time we went up and down the hall – little Curious George that he is (all were empty – just restrooms and x-ray rooms).

and here is Zach getting to see his babies and a couple pics of the ultrasound and the soon-to-be parents of three (hey – that rhymes!!!)……these babies were VERY active – can’t wait to meet them for real but it sure was nice to see them moving…..