Chloe, it’s for you…..

Zach answered the phone and apparently it was for Chloe because he drug the entire kitchen to Chloe……

Daddy’s little helper

Zachary is a natural at anything mechanically inclined.  He loves helping and using tools.  Here he is at Christmas helping to install the curling iron/blow dryer holder that Corey built me….totally adorable.

Merry Christmas Zachary!

For Christmas, we got Zachary two identical tricycles – one for his house and one to keep at our house.  Boy did he have fun “helping” Grandpa put it together.  As you will see in the last pictures, we have since taken the seat off since his little legs are too short to actually ride it and he uses it as a scooter in the house.  So much fun.

Click here to see Zachary and his tricycle 🙂

Cutest Cat in the Hat ever……..

Who’s that cool cat in the hat?  Zachary, of course (who doesn’t like hats so it’s shocking there’s even one picture of him with the hat on).  We got him his outfit, the hat and the book for Christmas.

My favorite little guy in the whole wide world………

Here are some pics of my favorite little guy…………Zachary, I love you!!!






Twins!!!  Corey and Danielle are going to have twins.  That means that my beautiful, happy, loving grandson, Zachary, is going to be a big brother times two.  Zachary will be a good big brother.  He’s a real sweetheart and I’m excited to meet his new siblings.  Until then, we are full of joy and anticipation with these pics………….