We went to Keith and Justin’s last weekend.  We did a little shopping, made a delivery to St. Elizabeth’s and then just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.  They made us a FEAST for lunch Sunday – thanks Keith and Justin – it was heavenly.

Corey then called and invited us to dinner.  Eighty-two miles later, we arrived at their house and Danielle had made baked mostaccioli and garlic bread.  It was equally as wonderful.  The last pic is her mostaccioli before she baked it – enjoy……………

C’mon America……

C’mon America – let my son be equal.

Please read this article – it’s regarding the same things Keith and Justin are facing.  My son and his partner for life, Justin, may be emigrating to Canada.  They are no different than your straight children, America.  My child should be equal and I’m tired of crying over something that should be a non-issue.  Everybody says “can’t they just move to another state and get married?”.  No.  This article will tell you why.  Keith is an American.  Justin is from China.  Both may end up in Canada.  How wrong is that?  Why?  They harm nobody – they are great kids (ok, they’re not really kids but to us they are).

Please read this to understand what Keith and Justin have to go through to be equal.

Two of the highlights of my life

I have a great life.  I have a husband who adores me – he tells me so every day.

I am blessed to have two beautiful, wonderful sons who have given me one more son and a daughter.

On top of that, I have Zachary, who brings us joy every day.

That being said…….these two little guys were and continue to be two of the highlights of my life…….I love you kids…….

Pretty Miss Molly

Molly just celebrated her 16th birthday on April 12.  We never thought she would make it that far – she was always a petite little girl who we used to call “Kitten”, because she just never grew much.  She’s still a dainty, pretty girl, but she’s a girl who can kick butt if she needs to.

Her mommy abandoned her when she was two weeks old.  We forgave her mommy – maybe she wasn’t ready for motherhood.  Molly was her only kitten so we took her in (thank you Mark – look what she’s given our family – she was worth it).  She now lives with Keith and Justin because she always was Keith’s little girl.

Here she is in all her beautiful, graceful glory………

(photo courtesy of Keith)

Do you believe??????

Do you believe in Santa Claus?  We do……..

I made that wall hanging many many years ago, when my kids were young.  They are now adults with families of their own.  I’ve wanted to update it for a couple of years and when my daughter-in-law jokingly said I needed to add some stockings, I knew this was the year I needed to complete that task.  Danielle…………I love you and here you go………