Dear Zachary,

Dear Zachary,

Do you know how much we love you?  Maybe, maybe not.  You flap your arms and hands crazily when you see us.  Your face lights up in a big beautiful smile.  Maybe you do feel our love.  We definitely feel yours.

Here are SOME of the lyrics from a song by P!nk (some are too naughty for you to hear)…….this part is for you, little guy……….

Pretty pretty please

Don’t you ever ever feel

Like you’re less than perfect.

Pretty pretty please

If you ever ever feel

Like you’re nothing

You’re perfect to me (us).

We remember watching your little legs kick while the doctor was working on you.  You were a fighter from the word go.  We are glad you fought.

We love your scrunched up funny face you make.

We love when you are frustrated and clench your fists and growl.

We love when you crawl everywhere.  Watching you explore and discover the world around you is a new adventure for you and nothing short of pure joy for us to watch.

We hope you stay humble and enjoy the little things in life, as that is what truly matters.

Love, Grandma & Grandpa