Happy birthday to……..

ME!!!!  Yes, Happy Birthday to me – even though my birthday was December 22.  My parents had Mark and I over for dinner.  Corey and Danielle came too.  I thought we were there just for dinner and dessert but then my parents disappeared and came back out with this beautiful pumpkin bread.  Dad made the pumpkin bread (topped with pecans – yummy).  He then cut it and arranged it beautifully and Mom topped it with the candle (zero years – I’ll take it).

Why a birthday party on February 27 when my birthday was December 22?  My parents got me Amazon gift cards for my birthday and Christmas and they got misplaced so I didn’t get them for my birthday and Christmas.  I told Mom “no big deal” – I don’t need gifts anyway.  She found them and my parents did this little surprise party to give me my gift cards.  Awwwww.  And then here’s the double awwwwww – Sammy – not great pics because it was dark and I was using my iPhone – but this is me holding my cake and Sammy on the floor wishing he could have a piece.  He’s adorable.

It was a great surprise – I couldn’t figure out whose birthday we were celebrating when everybody starting singing “Happy Birthday”.  Thanks Mom and Dad!!!!