Happy Father’s Day – 2011

Happy Father’s Day to the most special fathers in my life…….

Dad, Mark and Corey, joined by Zachary…….

Here’s a text Mark sent to us all after the party – this sums it all up……

“I would like to thank you all for a great fathers day!!!  Sure presents are great, but the best part is you all together!  Thanks for being a great family Love Dad/Mark”

Meatloaf anybody?

Corey requested cold meatloaf for Easter lunch.  So……as my kids are spoiled with motherly love, whether they like it or not, he will get cold meatloaf for Easter lunch.  However, Mark insisted that HE make meatloaf, even though he rarely cooks and has never made meatloaf.

Here is his creation, on a plate ready to be covered and put in the fridge for Easter lunch…..

He remembers watching his Grandma make meatloaf and he knows basically what I put in meatloaf from watching me, so he just put in what he thought.  When we went to bed last night, we sampled it.  And we sampled some more.  And more.  It is darn good.

Corey………..we hope you enjoy it!!!!


Don’t EVER try to find something to eat for breakfast at Keith and Justin’s house – and I mean EVER.

Below are our choices for breakfast (Keith and Justin were still sleeping – we were foraging).  What the heck is this……..

To be fair, we had purchased some country fried steaks at Sam’s – we broke into that box and each had one of those with our ONE EGG each.

Dear Zachary,

Dear Zachary,

Do you know how much we love you?  Maybe, maybe not.  You flap your arms and hands crazily when you see us.  Your face lights up in a big beautiful smile.  Maybe you do feel our love.  We definitely feel yours.

Here are SOME of the lyrics from a song by P!nk (some are too naughty for you to hear)…….this part is for you, little guy……….

Pretty pretty please

Don’t you ever ever feel

Like you’re less than perfect.

Pretty pretty please

If you ever ever feel

Like you’re nothing

You’re perfect to me (us).

We remember watching your little legs kick while the doctor was working on you.  You were a fighter from the word go.  We are glad you fought.

We love your scrunched up funny face you make.

We love when you are frustrated and clench your fists and growl.

We love when you crawl everywhere.  Watching you explore and discover the world around you is a new adventure for you and nothing short of pure joy for us to watch.

We hope you stay humble and enjoy the little things in life, as that is what truly matters.

Love, Grandma & Grandpa



Take a moment to smell the sunflowers……..

We got the great joy of having Zach spend the night Friday.

He played with legos – these are Keith and Corey’s legos from when they were little………..

He played bumper cars in the kitchen…..

He kissed our dishwasher……..

He learned about recycling (he learned that he can take Grandma Teri’s laminated sign off the recycling bin)……..

He enjoyed slamming cabinet doors………..

He took a moment to smell the sunflowers………..

He watched Benji………..

…………until he got bored……………

…….and wanted Grandma to hold him………..

………..and then he fell asleep – awwwwwwww…………

The next day, we went to Menards to get some wood.  These pictures are taken through the headrest.  He was helping Grandpa Mark by holding on to the wood so it wouldn’t move around.  What a little helper.

We had a great time with the lil’ guy – we love you, Zachary!

Lunch with Grandpa Mark

When Keith and Corey were little, I used to take them to have lunch with their daddy.  Now it’s Zach’s turn to have lunch with Mark.  Last Friday, I took Zach for his first “Friday Lunch with Grandpa Mark”.  Here he is checking out the scenery waiting for Grandpa…….

and then Grandpa Mark came to the van………..

Zach and Grandpa had fun but Zach then found it was much more fun to play with the handle he found on the ceiling……..