It’s winter and people are cold

People were cold – we can’t have that (kidding – they were warm but it adds to the mystery).  Here’s what I made for Mom.  The yarn is Yarn Bee Soft Delight Extremes – the color is EX brown.  This is NICE yarn.  It is double-stranded with Regia loden sock yarn.  Maybe you can’t tell from the picture, but it is a keyhole scarf and a pair of fingerless gloves – very luxurious.

This hat and gaiter set was made for Dad.  The hat is double thick and reversible.  The camo yarn is Red Heart (ickkkkkkkkk) and the other yarn is I Love This Yarn (and I do) – the color is coffee.

…that wasn’t Dad…this is Dad…he likes getting his picture taken.

For Aunt Betty, I crocheted a scarf with the Yarn Bee Soft Delight Extremes – again EX brown – the second strand was Simply Soft – a pretty dusty rose color – unsure of the technical color name.