Get Well Soon Socks (Pairs #29-30)

get-well-soon-socksThese socks were made mostly while Mark was in surgery, during his stay in the hospital and in the days up until today when I finished them.  One pair is for Mark and the other pair is for me.  Mark is doing well – he has pain only when he moves (same old same old but it is getting better).  He was tempted today to have me take him for a ride but the weather outside is frightful and the fire is so delightful (oops – we don’t have a fireplace) – but we will wait for the weather to break a little, which is supposed to happen on Christmas Day.

Here are the ingredients:

**Mark’s socks – Regia Crazy Color 112
Teri’s socks – Four Seasons Hot Socks Spirit Sockenwolle 610**