SFS (Pair #2)

**Swish – black – worsted**
*Pair #1 for SFS*

soldier-sock-1-feb-13Very cold today – yesterday too – below zero with 30 below wind chill – school was closed yesterday and again today. I don’t really care. My work carried on. Finished my first pair of socks for Socks for Soldiers today. It took 12 1/2 hours for me to make one sock. OH MY GOD!!! The first one took a long time so I timed the second one. Maybe I shouldn’t have – that’s kinda sad. But………the cuff is 12 inches so that’s a lot of sock – and……..I’m new at this. I have only made three other socks and I just started making socks in December (2006). So, I’ll cut myself some slack. Now onto learning how to knit socks on circular. That’s my project for this afternoon – to start to learn at least.

Socks for Mom (Pair #1)

**Red Heart – worsted – color unknown**

sock-1This is my first pair of socks. I learned to knit in November, 2006, and these socks were completed in December, 2006. They are Red Heart worsted – OH MY. Yes, I said worsted – that was before I learned the joy of knitting socks with fingering weight wool. These socks belong to Mom – she fell in love with them and I happily handed them off to her.