Thanksgiving vacation (Part 2 – Washington, DC)

The second part of our trip was to Washington, DC.  I’ve never been there so it was great to see finally.  Here is a gallery of some of the things we saw……

Thanksgiving vacation (Part 1 – Pennsylvania)

We took a trip to Pennsylvania and Washington, D.C. over Thanksgiving with Zachary, Corey and Danielle.  We had a beautiful time and saw a LOT.

We left at night so Zach slept all night long – he’s a great traveler…….

Our first stop was Hershey, Pennsylvania.  We loved the Hershey tour.  Zach was so intrigued by the whole thing.  This was just a painting but he loved even this…….

These are on the actual cars on the tour – wide-eyed wonderment……..

Here is Mark’s dream – if only there were one of these in our house – he’d be in heaven……….

From there, we went to Echo Caverns.  Corey convinced us girls to do this with the guys, even though I had my fill of caves when I was a girl.  I have never liked them.  I did this for Corey.  I *think* I’m glad I did (????).  Ok sure, I’m glad I did it – Corey was happy.

That night, we went to see Hershey Lights – wow!  The most beautiful lights – winding through a beautiful forest – just beautiful.

Back at the motel, check out this absolutely cuteness!!!  Zachary was waiting for Mommy to get out of the restroom – he was yelling/talking to her through the door – totally adorable child…………

Here is Zachary helping Daddy clean out the cooler…….

There was a family carved out of wood at one of the stores we stopped at.  Here is Zach with that family and kissing the little girl……….

Here are Zach and his family in a wagon………..

At one of the restaurants, while nobody was looking, Zach took a handful of mashed potatoes – this is Daddy scooping it out of his hand……..

Wake up Daddy!!!!  Time to go to D.C.!!!

Zachary’s rescue mission…

When Zachary comes, the cats have to be shut in the basement because that’s where their food and litter is.  We lock the basement door so Zachary cannot fall down the steps.  Any day now, he will learn to open doors and falling down steps would be a very, very bad thing to have to explain to his parents.  We put a pet door, as you can see, but they won’t use it.

Here is Zachary talking to the cats in his own 17 month old baby language and trying to rescue them, it would appear…..

…..Grandma, can you help me???…..

… last-ditch attempt…..

…..and finally, like any good rescuer, he picked up his cell phone and called for back-up.  My gosh so cute – just amazing that he picked up the phone after all of his efforts had failed.